Everyone can benefit from improving his or her mindset. When positive changes are made within the workplace, they quickly expand to life at home with family and friends.

Who I Work With

I work with a wide variety of organizations and people:

  • For-profit organizations and non-profit organizations
  • Businesses with 60 employees to more than 60,000
  • Single-location businesses to worldwide organizations
  • Human resource professionals
  • Senior-level department directors
  • Healthcare practitioners and executives
Although I work with a variety of organization, a considerable amount of my focus in recent years has been with law firms and healthcare organizations. This has not been surprising for me as both are highly stressful fields. High workloads, long hours, difficult clients/patients, and colleagues experiencing similar pressures are just some of the challenges experienced by these professionals.

My material appeals to individuals at every level:


The programs provides a framework for improving communication, productivity, employee satisfaction, employee retention and overall business performance.

Organization-wide training:

We all want to operate at the highest level possible. We all want to be more productive, happy and successful, to get more out of ourselves and the people around us.


This information resonates with students, especially those who are striving to find meaning and success – those who want to perform at the highest level without sacrificing happiness in the process.

My clients typically share many of the following characteristics:

  • Act as change agents, either in solo or as team and organizational leaders. They want to manifest more of their high potential, make a contribution, and move themselves and their teams to higher levels of performance to achieve greater business results.

  • Want to know how to maximize the talent of others so they feel energized and contribute their extra effort to the organization.

  • Are interested in their employees learning practical strategies for positive leadership, raising engagement and ultimately improving every single business outcome.

  • See the potential for their workplace to be a positive environment for the people who engage there.

  • Recognize within their organization elements of a toxic work environment and desire to create the antithesis: a positive, inspiring workplace where the most important asset – humans – are honoured.

  • Everyone can benefit from improving his or her mindset, and even when these positive changes are made with the workplace in mind, they quickly expand to life at home with family and friends. This material appeals to individuals at every level:

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