The Positivity Training Plan

Learn to Excel in a World of Increasing Workloads, Stress & Negativity!

The many small interactions or moments that make up your day – approximately 20,000 moments by one study’s count – weigh in on either the positive or negative side.

These moments influence who we are, how we feel, and how we perform.

We are all aware of the benefits of a positive attitude, but how does one combat the negativity that is pervasive in today’s society?  How do you catch yourself from chronic complainers and other toxic people?  How do you avoid catching the negativity virus?

This training will give you the needed “nuts and bolts” of cultivating positivity within one’s life and mind including:

  • How to rewire your brain to be more positive
  • Why social investment is one of the keys to personal happiness
  • The role nutrition plays in creating a happier brain
  • It is not just positive thinking, but positive actions that count.  Discover simple easy-to-implement strategies that have been scientifically valided to create a positive mindset.
  • Bounce back from setbacks, re-energize, refocus and get back on track

Through a few simple activities, you can permanently raise your happiness ’set-point’ and capitalize on all the many advantages including a longer, healthier life and even appearing more attractive to others!

After having the opportunity to hear Louisa speak at a seminar on the power of positive thinking, I recommended her to come and speak to the staff at our school as part of the board’s wellness initiative. Louisa’s talk was tailored to her audience, uplifting, current, and provided practical suggestions to help improve overall happiness and how to think positively.”
Laura Christmas 
 PL Robertson Elementary School

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