Laws of Positive Leadership

How to be a leader others want to follow.

Examples abound of poor leadership. Who hasn’t had a teacher or boss who invoked feelings of disrespect? A positive leader is someone who inspires, motivates, energizes and unites, while generating loyalty and producing results.

As a leader, you can have a huge impact on the happiness and performance of every member of your team.

The key focus of this workshop will be on how to more effectively use recognition and encouragement to get more out of your employees and how this type of feedback should be delivered for maximum impact. Not only will you and your team benefit, but the positive effects will ripple out to the rest of your organization.

“Louisa’s Energy for Performance program and Happiness at Work sessions have made a tremendous impact on our employees. They felt she was extremely open, honest, informative and engaging. The program served as a positive reminder on how to re-evaluate life and maximize it to the fullest! The difference with Louisa as a speaker and an educator is that she is living the philosophies of her teachings and it shows! Louisa offers value-add in her program by providing tangible modules in which employees go away with implementation ideas and strategies for their own lives.” - Tara Burley, Human Resources Manager, 
Baker & McKenzie LLP, Barristers & Solicitors

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