Full Sail Ahead

Your team is your most valuable resource. Encouraging a culture of self-care and an appreciation for renewal ensures that the winds are always in your favor.

On Energy

The Energy Plan

You don’t have to go home from work exhausted

This program has been accredited by the Law Society of Upper Canada for one Professionalism Hour.

The demands of life today often pull our energy in multiple directions, leaving us depleted and overwhelmed.  In fact fatigue has become a world-wide epidemic, impacting people both at work and at home.

Most of us return home from long days at work feeling exhausted and often experience our families not as a source of joy and renewal, but as one more demand in an already overburdened life.

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Keeping the Passion Alive

Taking care of ourselves as well as we take care of others

Many healthcare practitioners are not aware that the stress they are experiencing in their lives actually has a name: compassion fatigue.

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The Art of Self-Care

Learn how self-care can be the foundation of a rich and fulfilling life.

Extreme self-care is the foundation of a rich and fulfilling life. It means putting your self-care above anything else. It is a challenging concept for most people.

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Finding Balance in a 24/7 World

How to Achieve a Successful Work/Life Balance

Few of us currently have the balance we are striving for in our lives. And it is not uncommon for people to ask themselves “is balance even something I can achieve?”

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