Louisa Nedkov, Founder

Utilizing the research that has been done by the pioneers in her field, Louisa speaks and trains organizations on the benefits of Positive Psychology, with the goal of cultivating a more productive workplace.
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A Unique Approach

With the focus on enhancing well being, the material Louisa teaches draws primarily on science-based research from the fields of Positive Psychology, Neuroscience, Nutrition and Fitness.
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“Inspiring and motivational are the two words that represent the emotions from the staff at Shared Services West following Louisa’s presentation on Positivity. Louisa combines sound theory and science into a fun, yet educational, exercise in helping our staff understand the importance of Positivity and left us with helpful ideas for change and improvement. Louisa puts so much of herself into the training resulting in a ‘positive’ and uplifting experience for all. Our team wants her back again and are excited about future programs she is developing.”

- Paul Irwin, H.R. Lead, Shared Services West